With or without foreskin?

Circumcised vs Uncircumcised

In many countries around the world males are being circumcised after the birth. Some people do it for health, others for tradition or even for a religious reasons. Although, this practice has been very used all around the world, it is becoming less common. Families today question much more risks and benefits of this procedure.



What is the difference?


The circumcision can be seen at the male’s organ tip. When a male is born the skin can be seen covering his glans. If this foreskin is cut it si considered circumcised and if not it si considered uncircumcised.


It has been reported that uncircumcised men have more health risks.

There is 12 times more risk of urinary tract infection.

It also increases the risk of penile skin inflamation and infection.

Penile cancer is also 20 times more probable.

When men become seksually active, an intact foreskin increases the risk of many genital transmited infections for both partners.

It is a number 1 risk factor for HIV infection.

Developing prostate cancer is also almost 100 % greater.

3. Relationship

During bearing with partner circumcised men will have less sensitivity since their foreskin together with alot of nerves has been removed. The hoghest sensitive part is is the scar.

There is still a debate about which type makes woman feel better. There have been some studies, uncertain however, which say that women feel better in bed with circumcised men.

There is still a debate about whether circumcision is neccessary or not.