When you ask for dirty job

This is amazing story about blo* job! That brave man was walking and he asked girls to give him blo* job! Walking down to street, girls were saying “no” and his expedition was really bad! But, finally he found one girl. She kicked him! In the end of story he found girl which said yes to his wish!She really gave him what he wanted! Watch video under text and find out what is this about! Enjoy the video!

This is just one of many social experiments and it shows us that you have to ask if you want something! We hope so that she did great job and that he went to the end!

Watch video:

Here is some of the best comments:

the last one was so fake i bet she didnt want her face to be seen so he recorded from the back and you mans probably gave her 20 pound to go along.

It is a Social experiment, he did not deserve to get hit however when doing experiments such as these you must be open and or read to experience any outcome. but since we are speaking in opinion at this time, i feel that violence is not a solution to any question that is asked. she could have said no and that is the end of it like the other 98 % of ladies he asked.

I find this generation so soft now back then you had men at the age of 14 in ww1 in 1914, in ww2 you had men at 18 risking there lives for there country and they just collapse with every minute they run. Vietnam war should be the most depressing war in history man were just brutally depressed. Now these days men or boys even women at 13 and above are already having ses at an early age and they get hurt from words, feelings and social media. A lot of kids are already drinking at the age of 14 and above using fake ids to clubs and parties. Back then a lot of men were hurt from ww2 the bruisers, the wounds, depression and other things that happen. I just want this generation to be tougher and to work harder for the future if the world is getting lazy every year we might not have a future in our hands. We just look at our phones every single day of the week it’s weird and mind blowing, were like zombies looking on our phones. People are getting disrespectful these days now it’s just sad how this generation is just too soft and weak for the world.

EDIT: and here is why this social experiment is getting so much attention. Even our post have more than 100k views. These types of experiments just show how people think, and how imaginary world should be. Do we need to tell you that this is staged and those are actors?