VW Golf GTI Clubsport S on Nurburgring with new awesome record!

Remember when the Nurburgring front-wheel-drive record used to be a sub-8 battle between Renault and SEAT? Well, you can forget about that, as nowadays the fight is a VW vs. VW affair. As such, the GTI Clubsport S has now smashed its own Green Hell record.
It all kicked off back in May, when the German automaker hit the Ring in the track-savvy hot hatchback, managing to set a new FWD record of 7:49:21.

The Vee-Dub people felt they could get more out of the car, without any modificiations. The carmaker returned to the infamous German track back on October 26, throwing the pumped-up GTI at the circuit once again.

The automaker explains the conditions were ideal (while throwing a few sideways moments in the process) and now the Clubsport S has smashed its own record by over two seconds – the new time sits at 7:47.19.

The front-paw Golf is animated by a two-liter turbo-four, which produces 306 hp and is paired to a six-speed manual (the DSG would’ve added 20 kg or 45 lbs to the 1,360 kg/3,000 lbs of the uber-compact). Other measures included in the circuit diet of the model include a rear seat delete, where we can now find a strut brace.

In a move that will silence any forum chat doubting the actual potential of the car, Volkswagen has released the video of the full lap and the best part of the clip is that it allows you to see just how manic and playful the experience was.

We can’t invite you to watch the clip without mentioning the astounding progress the go-fast side of the auto industry has made over the past decade – let’s take a moment to think about what happened back in 2007, when the 640 hp Lamborghini Murcielago prided itself on being able to go round the Ring in 7:47.