Volkswagen’s electric prototype

The electric concept that will mark the entry of Volkswagen in the third era of its history will have almost MPV form and sliding rear doors. This is revealed by the first sketches of the model presented at the Paris Motor Show.


These sketches, although still only in a graphical form, show a lot of stylistic details of the German electric car. In particularly pay attention to the specific lights and the presence of the four prominences on the corners of the roof. From their position and the shape it is possible to assume they are going to be used, along with cameras and radars, to form the sensory conditions for autonomous driving.



On the front, there can be seen a particular short nose due to lower dimensions of the electric motor compared with the heat-transmission unit, and clearly there are no cooling racks. The absence of the traditional powertrain should offer a significant space inside, in relation to the external dimensions, which are supposed to be similar to those of Golf.

This production model, whose name is not been yet made official, should debut in 2019 and offer electric range up to 400 km extendable with a a special battery pack to 600 km. Its recharge time is reduced and claimed to be around 15 minutes.

The zero-emission hatchback is a part of broad strategy and ambitious debut. Volkswagen needs this huge step to delete the dieselgate scandal and to reach a goal of selling two or three millions of electric cars per year by 2025.