Volkswagen T6 Bus by ABT

This car tuning company from Bavaria can look back on 120 years of “traditional innovation“. ABT has also done a lot for more mobility over the past few decades. In this T6 we can have one of two type engines. First is 2.0 BiTDI which remapped to 235HP from 204hp. Second is 2.0 TDI which now have 180HP ( 150HP before).

“The Volkswagen Bus has long since been one of our companions, if you will – both as a team bus in motorsports and in terms of enhancement,“ says Hans-Jürgen Abt.


“We think the diesel is the best T6. It is torquey, economical and its power breaks out in a balanced manner,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt.

“After all, why should transporting family, outdoor equipment and suitcases not also be fun?”

All components fit the Volkswagen Bus perfectly. This also applies to the CR or DR sport-type wheels, available in 19″ or 20’’. And these wheels come with the right tires, taking all loads. After all, the ABT T6 is no small car but a large one, and an all-rounder also in its anniversary edition.


Interior is also fantastic. Highline + some ABT stuff.