Volkswagen T3 VR6 Bus – Drift

Audi R8 Räder,  Porsche 996 Bremse, VW Corrado Motor

1.6 Liter Diesel-equipped red Bus, which had already had two previous owners, was in good condition and with a more powerful engine it could be fun. His first attempt was to install a different water cooled motor; a 16V. After a year driving his re-powered creation, he tried an aftermarket chip tuning and a stronger vent drive. The sobering end result: Not enough power.

What now? More power comes easiest with more cubic capacity. In our toughs it was lot of choices available atVW fabrics, but the only thing which made sense was the VR6.

As this video became viral, here is some of the best comments about VW T3 that is cult legend:

Still love this video ! Inspirational . Didn’t know a vanagon could drift so well. Share it a lot.

you buy the same one, cut the middle out, use the one you bought, cut the same size slot out that, glue sports in behind, then filler over, sand then spray paint it. It’s really not that hard just annoying waiting for everything to dry ever time.

Why people change classic VW T3 in a sport car? This isn’t sport car and isn’t look like sport car :)