The introduction of the upgraded model is confirmed.

It will be unveiled in November, the updated Golf seventh series. A facelift that comes four years after the launch and that will vary only slightly from the sedan. Volkswagen does not anticipate what will be the interventions. However we will find a different design of the front bumper, A chromed element under the holder of certain installations and expect cover of the tailpipes placed on the bumper.

These first rumors will be accompanied by a new design of the daytime LED lights which will follow the continue horizontal strip on the grille. Even the rear lights will get a review of the deisgn of the leneses.

It is also possible to see a screen on the dashboard and a larger alternative to a basic proposal, with the possibilty of gesture control. This, however, is very uncertain and may be postponed to the next generation.

It is expected an increase in the step of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines and the a substantial increased utonomy for electric cars that should be extended to 300 km.

The announcment of the restyling of the Golf VII was an apportunity for Volkswagen to point out some numbers: C-segment sedan was sold continuously for 40 years. At the end of 2015 it has sold a total of 32 million and 590 thousand copies.