Goodbye to Diesel by 2025 in these cities

Anyone who likes saving money is fond of Diesel engines but it enormous environmental impact is not acceptable for some cities so they have decided to kick it out before 2025.

According to a plan stated by the Conference of Mayors C40, heads of 40 different cities vowed to fight fiercly pollution caused climate change. Therefore, the government of the Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico city have decided to ban totally diesel-powered vehicels on their streets before 2025 aiming to make them dissapear completely.

For know it is not known if this goal will be reached in multiple fases or there will be a specific date for the ban. It is well known that soot from diesel vehicles contributes significantly to poor health and the greenhouse effect. Aroun three milion people die prematurely due to air pollution whch is, in part, caused by harmful nitrogen oxide emitted by diesel machines.

The mayor of Mexico city said that the reinforcment of the public transportation should help in cleaning the air and the mayor of Athenes said that his goal is to eliminate polluion from the centre. The activists agrre with thois iniciative since it proves it that big cities CAN be cleaned.