Unbelievable! The better version of the outrageous DEVEL 16 reaches 60mph in only 1.8 seconds!

Is there a better place to exhibit a brand new outrageous vehicle than your home field?

We all know that Dubai is all about luxury so; you can guess what the Dubai Motor Show is like. Of course it’s anything but ordinary! We can expect concept cars and special edition cars but, what we truly want to see are the ones who fall into the separate, special category or in other words, the exclusive ones. The Dubai-based automaker, Devel 16, showed us the mind-blowing 5000 HP monster 2 years ago. Now, we-re looking at the enhanced version!

This black monster has a 7.2-liter V16 lying under the hood combined with 4 turbos. The result?! Unthinkable power of 6000 HP! This is what going from 0 to 60 mph in a blink of an eye actually means. 347 mph is the top speed that the new version of the Devel 16 can reach and if you want this for yourself you better have the patience to wait on the 10 years waiting list and have additional $1.3 million at your disposal.

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