The NEW 2016 Plymouth Superbird is Amazing, Isn’t it?!

Good thighs aren’t cheap and neither is this all new 2016 Plymouth Superbird. The price of this beauty will be approximately $58.500, but maybe this is a reasonable price because the base package includes a lot of amazing things that makes this car even cooler. What you get in the base package is LED Flip signals and Custom built LED rear bumper because we all know that LED lightening is outstanding but the fiberglass wing air extractors are amazing too.


If you want to travel faster than this new car offers you a wide range of accessories to please your wishes. Don’t you want to own a car with Magnuson Supercharger, plus coil over suspension plus chassis bracing and single or double turbo? The release date is October 2015 which is not far from now, but we can’t wait because we want to see it in action!