The most expensive car collection, which was ever presented at auction!

This very special collection of cars estimated value of 435 million, will be 13th-15th August found on the drum, and everyone interested in the direction of the auction house Sotheby RM!

If you are a lover of speed and cars, overlooking the just introduced “The Pinnacle Portfoilo” auction house Sotheby RM, it could happen to you in your pants come to sudden movement or at least zaslinite like a baby when feeding. Yes, we must admit that in our country took this unusual situation, and how could it not when you look at the list of cars that are on the list. Auction will be held on August 13, but still there is a possibility to close the financial construction and start bidding for these beautiful examples of classical as well as some of the best supercars of today. These are some of the cars that will be on August 13, found on the reels.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in 2006.
The first ever produced Veyron with production number 001.


Ferrari F40 LM from in 1994.
Last F40 which is sucked from the production line.


Ferarri Enzo from 2005th
In addition to the case of the last produced Ferrari Enzo, this car was a gift from Pope John Paul II. who has blessed his engine.


Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing from in 1955.
Another fabulous car, but this is a special gullwing with aluminum body which is produced only 29 copies.


Saleen S7 from the 2005th
Incorporating are only two copies of which are equipped with the optional package that gives the car more than 1000 horsepower, and this is one of them. But other than that, this car you could see in the movie Iron Man.


Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider from the 1959th

McLaren F1 LM from in 1998.
This is only one of the two copies of this legendary supercar which are equipped with a “full” pack racing and road inland.


Porsche 959 Komfort from 1988th
Porcheov athlete who was due to meeting the FIA ​​approval as road version relijaškog car Group B. At that time it was the fastest road car to 319 km / h, and many fans of Porsche cars considered it a kind of “Holy Grail”.x8