New shape of car with easy work!

To do this, you need to pour the foam mixture onto the car while using cardboard pieces to get the shape it right. Someone would say, yikes, it’s gonna get messy. . . Well, be sure that working with expanding foam is not easy.


After the foam is applied, he then carves off the excess to get the shape right.


Whoa, who knew a car’s interior could function with a foam makeover? Okay, we’re gonna give this guy the benefit of the doubt!


Omg, we’re speechless. . . The interior is in fact now gloriously restored. This guy is a real artisan.


The exterior got a shiney coat of glossy paint and is transformed into a HOT red car of seduction. Its sexy curves expertly done, shows this guy knew what he was doing.


The artist’s attention to shape and detail really shines through in this work. Unbelievable!


All congratulations for this man, he make from nothing a perfect car and outside and inside, well done.