Strange but useful solutions for your car

1) You don’t have a cup holder in your car? Simple: Use a shoe! You read it well: put your shoe beside the gear shift and put your cup in it. It will give stability to anything you want to drink.


2) Don’t throw away those old newspaper!! Take the newspaper in some warm water and put it on the sticker you couldn’t take off from your windscreen for such a long time. Hold it there for about 10 – 15 minutes. Warm water will do all the work and you will have your sight all clear again.


3) Have a pool noodle but you already learned to swim? Cut it in half and stick it to the side walls of your garage.
Woila! No more damaged car doors when you open them!

pool noodle

4) Maybe you never thought of this: you know how cold in winter can freeze your windscreen during night? Well just park your car facing east and Sun warmth will defrost it in the morning.

5) Use a plunger to fix small dents on your car.


6) Hot, hot, hot! To cool down your car: open a window all the way down on one side and then open and close the door on the other side several times. Cooler?


7) Hold your car remote under your chin and you will unlock it from a longer distance!


8) You get road sick every single time you travel? Tilt your head to the side and it will go away! Apparently you need to show your brain that you are actually in the movement using your eyesight and everything will be just fine.


9) Want to get rid of inside fogging windows? Take half a potato and rub it on the inside of the window. Let it dry.


10) If you want more shine and no more water streaks ask your girlfriend to borrow you some hair conditioner, massage it all over your car and enjoy!

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