It has a BMW plug-in hybrid technology. While driving you can watch TV or be online.
Etos is an autonomous driving concept car, which carries an unmanned remote control aircraft on its back (Dron)
Why dron?
-Simply as a means of entertainment in moments of relaxation, but also as a symbol of general autonomy, as an inevitable future.
Etos, which has a glass roof made of the material used for smart phones, uses the plug-in hybrid technology of the German Super Coupe BMW i8 (a turbobenic and electric motor that produces 362 HP) as a technological drive, and we will remember it also by the innovative lowering system Or the complete movement of the steering armature, while in the autonomous driving mode.

Two FullHD screens, as a super-informative view of the multimedia world and car navigation information, can be moved and adjusted to the position of the person in the car.