Ride in Biff’s Back to the Future Ford Coupe, yes the poop car

The most famous car to appear in the Back to the Future movies was, of course, the DeLorean. But it wasn’t the only automobile in the cult-classic films. One of the most memorable scenes from the original was when Biff drove his convertible into a truck full of manure – covering himself, his cronies, and his car with the stuff. Well, this was that car.

This 1946 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe was the very one that Universal Studios used in the filming of the movie – including that unfortunately unforgettable scene. And yes, you did read that right: the car started out as a fixed-roof coupe, the top of which the studio cut off to make it look like a convertible. (Apparently convertibles don’t actually look like convertibles on screen, or something like that.) Fortunately while its present owners found lots of the movie-prop manure inside the vehicle when they bought it, the producers had actually used pieces of burlap to stand in for the unsanitary stuff.

It’s also one of the few prop cars from the movie that is in private hands. The studio held on to most of the DeLoreans, but this ’46 Ford belongs to a father and son out in Wisconsin. With the film’s 30th anniversary (and the date of Marty’s arrival in the future) fast approaching – and having recently driven the ’76 BMW 6 Series from the second movie – the Aficionauto went out to check it out by Lake Geneva, and you can hop along for the ride in the video above. You may just want to keep your mouth closed, for your own sake.

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