Ready for Apocalypse. This is IAT Kalman

Of all the unusual cars shown in Beijing, nothing is near the IAT Kalman. It’s 6m long and looks like a Stealth Hunter and Batmobile in one. In addition, all the great terrain such as the G-Class Mercedes, Hummer H2 and even the armored Dartz Kombata are tiny and sad. From the Chinese IAT company that will produce only ten pieces coming from information that will cost a steady 1.5M €! The monstrous SUV uses the Ford F-450 Super Dutya undercarriage and shares it with a 6.8 V10 petrol engine which produce 362 hp. The interior is of Ford F-150, enriched with special accessories such as gold inserts, alkants and special backrests.  It has an integrated cooler for champagne, a lot of LCD screens and a starry sky modeled on Rolls Royce models.