No pants are the best pants! (video)

No pants no problems – NPNP is an arts project that challenges boundaries in gender and seuality and phobias of all sorts.  It consists in wearing only underwear in public! It lives through personal stories and photographs that are documented all over the world.

How it all started? A young 20 year old girl was diagnosed with AIDS and wanted to flirt and feel good about her body as the most of her friends did. So she came up with an idea to use commonly used party spaces so she can interact with others and be flirty again. These spaces were home to many event which eventually ended up as “no pant no problems” events. Over time these kind of events started to be talked about and accepted from a lot of people around the world who revealed how difficult disclosure was for them too.

In the end, it served to build bridges between different kinds of people including not only HIV positive persons but also trans, fat, questioning, differently abled, actually anyone who often is excluded from the society.

Let’s get to the video: in recent years this project has developed a kind of union between art and activism since it offers a platform to continue to push boundaries  about how the communities can be built collectively. Since 2006 NPNP has its home in Toronto but it took place in many other cities around the world and in the video below you can see how this project was represented in Hong Kong and you can see with your own eyes how people actually reacted: