Most shocking thing capturet on Dashcam

These days dascams are really popular. Most people will see those videos coming from Russia. Don’t worry, they don’t like to make videos, they just need those for insurance, as there is to much frauds, and video is great evidence.

But, lets forget that, here is something really shocking!

This dashcam show video on a particularly rainy day in Taiwan and it is not something you’d expect to see in a million years.

In the dramatic video below, we see a small white car traveling down a coastal road in Keelung, northern Taiwan. Suddenly, mud and rocks start spilling into the road from a nearby mountainside. The biggest scare comes when a huge boulder crashes down the hill, only narrowly missing the tiny car and stopping inches away from it.

I’ve seen this video a few times and now it’s when I’ve realized that the boulder was coming down at 0:03 and then it was speeding up until it reached the road. Quite shocking indeed.

We must admit, thew were really lucky there. This easly could go worng and people could die. Luck was on their side this time.