In this post, we bring to you amazing race of Lamb and golf 2. Unreal race, isn’t it? We don’t think that. Golf 2 with some modifications won race and Lamb saw nothing but back of golf. In first step of race, golf made amazing speed and it went too far from lamb, so lamp did not have any chance to win. Later, lamb tried to make huge speed but in the end of race golf went to the end and golf won in a fair match. Please watch video and realize how powerful is this beast. Enjoy it. Greetings!

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Awesome video. No wonder the RS6 won,considering it‘s a 4WD,but it could still destroy the other car with 2WD :-):-):-)

bye bye bela italia

So, you all know that Golf 2 is really cult among VW fans. This video really show why is that.