Kids safety in a car!

Read some tips on how to keep your kids safe from heart stroke i cars.

Summer is a beutiful hot period of the year but it can be dangerous too. Hundreds of children die in being left in hot cars during the summer.

How to prevent this:

1. Make no exceptions!

Not in any circumstance leave a child or a pet in a car. Even if your window is open and you think they have the air they need, the sun heat can still harm them. Your kids should be the mst important thing in the world and believe me it is better to pay someone to keep them safe while you go to the grocieries store than to leave them in a car waiting. Not even for the shortest periods of time. It is dangerous.

2) Do not leave yourkids in a car on the sun not even for the shortest periods of time!

Why is this so? Because a car is like a green house. It can get really extremly hot in short periods of time. Since your kids have small bodies their ability to absorb heatness in proportion of their body is really high and their ability to cool themselves down is really law, so only couple of minuts of time could be fatal.

3) be aware of science!

People usually don’t pay much to attention on physics. Well.. when you leave your car on the outside under the sun its temperature can increase rapidly in the first 30 minutes. For your little child’s body it is too much to support and it overwhelmes the brain’s temperature which causes dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, loss of consciousnes or death.

4) Always remind yourself!

Some parents ot babysitters forget that they have a sleeping child at the backseat. They just mind their own business. And if you don’t believe me it can happen here is why it can, according to Mark Mdaniel, PhD, psychology professor:

“The memory is faced with a challenge when it needs to remember something that you don’t do every day, such as take your child to school. For instance, maybe Mom usually does that, but for some reason, Dad takes the task for the day, he says.If the child has fallen asleep in their car seat, which is usually behind the driver’s seat, there is no visual information to remind you that there is a kid to drop off and if you have not done it day in and day out, you need a cue,” McDaniel says. “These are not bad parents, but people who don’t have a good understanding of their memory system.”

What to do? Remind yourself out loud that you have a child in your car. Do something creative: for example put your briefcase near your child or something like that.

5) Keep your children away from your car and it’s keys.

Do not let your children play around your car when you are not around. Make sure you lock it every time you get out and keep your kids away from car keys. It can prevent a child from being accidentaly locked in a car and it can avoid troubles.

6) Take care of your child when others are driving!

Whenever your child goes somewhere with some other vehicle that is not yours make sure he or she has arrived. Call the school bus service to check if they have safety protocolls which are strictly respected. If you are not home when the kid arrives, call and assure yourself your kid has arrived and hasn’t been accidentaly locked in a school bus.