How to love her in your car

Whether it’s an old car, a new one or is it huge or small all of us like to play in it. It’s like a boy’s dream come true: a car, a girl and a pack of protection of course. Well, you don’t need a protection just for your “big boy” but you actually have to think on some other factors like temperature, smell, tidiness and your POSITION. You don’t want to end up in emergency room after such a blissful time. So, I bring you some of the best positions for your love in car!

* Classic but SAFE: Girl on top -> Lay down on the passenger side and let her do all the work. It will give you space and comfort!

Quick tip: If you see foggy windows read our previous article and find out how to solve it!


* Backseat fun: put down your backseat and lay on your back. She will spontaneously (she absolutely should!) sit on top of you, put her hands on the sides and be free to go up and down or in circle. The choice is hers and the fun is yours!

* You can use the trunk. Lower the rear seats forward and you’ll have plenty of room to experiment.

Tip: You can use the sea inflatable mattress for more comfort.

* For the braves: Get out and close all the doors. Climb your car! Show your girl all the romantic touches you have on the roof.

Important tip: Choose carefully a place to do it! Remote recess is great!

* Try the position known by many as “doggie”. The woman is on all fours and the man penetrates kneeling behind her. This position is great for stimulation of both partners as it goes to create excitement in the G-spot and uses a very deep penetration. Here is the man to command the act deciding pace and depth of penetration so the women can only enjoy.

* Union of the tiger: The woman is lying on the seat with her legs bent and holding around the waist of her partner. The man is crouching down on his lady. Like the previous one this position allows deep penetration too.

* Bull sitting position, commonly called “stick”: This position sees the man sitting normally and woman with her legs over him; in this way it allows to create a visual contact between the two allowing an intimacy and unique moments.

There clearly are so many more positions to experiment. After you try all of these let me know in the comments: Which one is your favourite?