Golf MK1 – R32 Bi-Turbo

that is brutal swaped Golf Mk1.  It is sleeper.. On first look you can’t think “it look like as fast car..”.. Yeah, you are wrong. It is realy fast Mk1 with 3.2 TwinTurbo engine..


No one really understood why I’d spend so much time and money into something like a rabbit, except for some of you I’ve grown to know, enjoy, and respect! Having said all that, I’m happy to say that the little bunny is about to get another big change in its life.

During this build thread I am extremely open to ideas and think eurowise would also appreciate information you guys/gals could share in regards to the build. We have discussed a game plan in regards to the swap, but like everything else, plans don’t always go as thought so am sure this will be a long, yet informative process for us all!

Enjoy in this video,for  more videos of this and other tuning project with #R32 engine Look HERE ( Our YOUTUBE CHANNEL)