Golf 2 vs. Ferrari F430

Golf 2 vs Ferrari F430

Guess which one is winner ? We advice you to bet on this Golf 2.

Enjoy in this video

This is for sure something you wont see every day. On long track, 500m, on left lane is Ferrari F430,car manufacturer Ferrari from 2004 to 2009, with massive 490 hp at 8,500 rpm. Acceleration is 4.00 s to 100km/h. The F430 is powered by a new 90° V8 featuring Ferrari’s traditionally uncompromising design approach with a flat-plane crank (180° between throws). This is an all-new unit that does not share any components with the 360 Modena’s engine. The improvement in terms of performance, weight and reduction of overall dimensions is the result of applying Ferrari’s wealth of F1 experience to its road cars. Despite a 20% increase in engine displacement (from 3,586 cc to 4,308 cc), engine weight has grown minimally by just 4 kg, while perform-ance is considerably improved across the board.

And this is also possible of course this golf have tuned machine but it sound very very nice how is Golf win against Ferrari, especially this old but gold version of golf.

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