Future of car technology

Car technology develops very fast. It always brings us innovations sometimes so interesting or useful that people would be ready to pay big money in order to have it.  Nowadays we know our safety is on the first place and automotive industry works in that direction. Of course, we can never know for certain what future brings, but we can presume it by what we see today and what is actually tested already.

  1. V2V technology is already being tested by Ford as a way to help reduce accidents. V2V means Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication which enables cars to get signals from other cars approaching.


It works by using wireless signal to send information between cars about their position, speed and direction. The information is then sent to other vehicles around to provide instruction on how to keep safety distance. Engineers are working on the best evasive measure when vehicles get too much close. Other than this they work on V2I = Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication which should communicate about things like road signs etc. These two technologies implemented together could reduce accidents by around 80 %.

  1. We have all heard about self-driving cars and you have probably already seen some examples on the internet. Google has already tested self-driving cars on the roads of California and Nevada. They process information about their surroundings by using lasers, radars and cameras.


Self-driving car will absolutely reduce our time in traffic jams.

  1. It is believed that the future cars will be able to identify objects in front of them and display the information about them on the windshield.


Augmented Reality – AR dashboards will be used for this one. BMW has already implemented a windshield display but they are also developing ARs which will be able to “see” the objects before the human eye. There has been talking about AR glasses too which would help to identify object to be fixed on the car.

  1. Airbags exist in a lot of forms and I different parts of the vehicle. They activate when there is an accident and fortunately, in many cases, protect humans in the car. What Mercedes is trying to develop is the airbag that would activate when sensors show him that the impact is inevitable. They have high stopping power and improve bumper to bumper reaction and help prevent sliding the passenger under the seat belt during an impact.

braking-bag_1421881c screen-shot-2014-10-09-at-4-01-39-pm-1


  1. By 2040 a huge amount of new cars will be hybrids. That brings an issue of battery. Today’s hybrid’s batteries are very heavy and engineers are trying to make energy storing body panels.



Body panels could capture energy ad charge faster than usual batteries and they could reduce car’s weight by 15 %. They would capture energy produced by other technologies in the car or during the overnight charging and then they would release it when needed. Toyota is also researching the production of the solar energy capturing panels.


Future always brings interesting and useful innovations and these are some of them. It’s exciting to know that more and more innovations are coming. Let’s wait and see.

Source: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/