Fatal car crash

Motorcycles are brutal two wheels transport vehicles, which takes huge number of human lives. It is unbelievable how strong motorcycles are, and how powerful they really are. Amazing relation between cars and motorcycles is that those vehicles are on the same road together. When you put together two beasts you can expect just bad thing. This monsters are really unbelievable. With that big power, they are able to destroy every car. But also, in big speed, wind is able to make motorcycle so unstable and it can fall down, especially in big speed. Another situations are usual, for example crash between cars and motorcycles are usual, and it do not need big “touch” it is enough just small touch and motor is down. Sometimes just energy of car is enough to override motorcycle.
During drive, drivers of motorcycle are driving so fast, and so often they lose control. Motor is able to make big speed in short time. That big speed is great, but is also dangerous. IT TAKES LIVES! Another reason of accidents are also wheels of motorcycles. They are especial wheels which are able to make big speed, friction between road and wheels is small. With full of tires and small friction, motors are able to do anything we want. Beside that, we can find power machines in motorcycles, and those machines and unnecessary really. Every one power horse unit up is one unit closer to lose life. It all depends of us. So if we are taking care about it, we will survive.
Last point on this story are another drivers. No matter how good drivers are we, we never know who is coming from another way. We don’t know which drivers skills he/she has. Open eyes, drive careful and survive. Good luck!

If you have strong heart try to watch this video bellow:

Source: youtube.com