“Fake taxi” behind the scenes!

Well, we all know (I am sure you have at least heard about it once in your lifetime at least) there is this guy in London who drives a taxi and meets a lot of pretty wonderful women and makes them give him some fun in the backseat of his car instead of paying the taxi service.

Usually the story goes like this: There is a normal taxi stop on the street and some girl needs a ride. She enters the taxi and says her address. Until now everything is just as in every other taxi. Here the “fake” story starts: the girl has no money to pay, or the price is too high or anything.. So the taxi driver or the girl offers instead a little bit of fun on the back seat, all of which gets filmed and posted on the internet.

Although a lot of women would love to find a handsome taxi driver who would accept this, fake taxi is not something easy to find in reality. Every fool can see it is scripted.

First of all it is so banal. 10 minutes movie with hidden taxi driver and models who are usually very well informed and well paid! The only real thing about it is that it is filmed in very well-known places of London.

You can see what it causes here.

Which girl would accept to even make out with you just like that? Than if you watch you will see they are not even surprised when asked to do certain things. Not to talk about how good looking are they. I mean.. Literally every fool could see it is OF COURSE scripted. Those girls are actually just trying to find their way to the stars in that industry.

Did you really believe that none of those hundreds of girls would sue the driver? Also try looking on the details in the movie: arms of the taxi driver are different in some movies, his size and his voice. Did you really believe that the police wouldn’t protect the country from a maniac like that? And those girls.. Like.. Every girl in Great Britain is always ready for action??? PLEASE! Ok, I will stop here. For the smart ones this is enough.