Facebook Messenger introduces chatbot, advertising and codes for easy chat

Application Facebook Messenger introduces chat-boot and advertising, which many users will not like.
The head of Facebook Messenger David Marcus has announced the introduction of Messenger platform, tools that will enable developers around the world to make a chat-boot application Facebook Messenger, which is today used 900 million people worldwide. Speaking at the annual conference of developers Facebook s F8 in San Francisco, Marcus has introduced three types of bots, which will act as “friends”. With them, users will be able to exchange text messages, and the goal is to enable communications company with customers, as well as advertising.


Application users Facebook Messenger will also be able to order food, buy tickets for different modes of transport, to inform herself and the like. Bots will eventually “learn” a lot about you, so they will “know” what you love to shop, what kind of news you read and so on.

Also becoming friends with the user visited social network in the world just got a lot easier, thanks to the option Codes Messenger.
The Facebook update has started to spread profiles using Messenger but on Thursday, and it is a code that is displayed around the profile photos of users in a circular manner. Interested user scans the code of the person which will open a window to get started.

In addition, Facebook has launched Messenger Links, a short version of an existing profile URL, which is now to be found in the template “m.me/username”.

This option will facilitate the establishment of relationships with people without having typing their names into a search engine. One way to use codes and links is in the business advertising to potential consumer or partner easier contacted the company or client.


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