Exclusive: Smart ForRail Review


A small yellow dot appeared on the horizon – seemingly small compared to the trains that normally frequent the station. When we closed our eyes we could swear a train was approaching the station with the typical scraping and drumming sound of steel wheels on iron tracks.

Instead the small sparkling yellow Smart ForRail stops right in front of us. The Mercedes-Benz mastermind who came up with the idea and an employee from the local railways welcomed me on board. The interior of the Smart ForRail is in every aspect identical to a regular Smart. You will find a accelerator and brake pedal, steering wheel and automatic gearbox.

Some things are different though; The navigation system shows you are actually running on rails and turning the steering wheel doesn’t do anything to the wheels. Maybe the coolest feature is the Smart horn that has been replaced with a proper train air horn.




Really cool and fine but it is not for real life.