Exclusive: Golf Razor 7 and RZA290 Photoshoot

Great two cars which one is your choose ???

RevoZport have created some fantastic body kits recently. Two of their finest (and most affordable) were recently provided to our friend Ron Alder in Hong Kong. The below photos show the Mercedes-Benz A 250-based RevoZport RZA290 and the Volkswagen Golf GTI-based RevoZport Golf Razor 7!

Starting with the RevoZport RZA290. This hot hatch has enough attitude to rival the A 45 AMG! The car pictured here has the stage 3 bodykit fitted with an RZA front add-on splitter, front bumper canard, vented bonnet, side skirt, rear diffuser and under spoiler all finished in carbon. It also features quad tailpipes and a GT spoiler.