Eagle-Eyed Viewer Spots Hidden Message In Game Of Thrones Scene And Nobody Had A Clue

t’s over 48 hours since the last episode of Game of Thrones – episode one of season seven – aired, so if by this point you’ve not watched it, I’ve not much sympathy for those of you worried about reading some spoilers. But that said, if you don’t want the show ruining, then I’m warning you right now: DO NOT READ AHEAD.

There are still a few day to wait until the second episode of Game of Thrones and, while we wait, fans have settled into the time-honoured tradition of scouring the latest episode of the show, frame by frame, in the search for clues about what’s coming next and which fan theories are closer to being confirmed.

Now fans believe the show has dropped a huge hint about Cersei Lannister’s fate – and it doesn’t look good for the ‘Mad Queen’.

The theory was inspired by events depicted in season five, when a young Cersei visited a seer who gave a prophesy of things that would come to pass – including a promise that she would later become Queen.

But in the original books, the seer also predicted how Cersei would die as a result of the ‘valonqar’, who would wrap his hands about her ‘pale white throat’ and choke her to death. Is this a clue as to the future of one of GoT’s most prominent characters?

If you’re wondering what ‘valonqar’ means, it is high Valyrian for ‘little brother’, which is why Cersei hates Tyrion.

However, as Jaime was born after Cersei he’s also technically her ‘little brother’.