Do you know why cops always touch your car’s tail ligt?

Getting pulled over by a cop is one of the most harrowing experiences that can take place and when you see those familiar lights come on behind us, this is a very nerve wracking moment. There are also certain routine actions that a police officer undergoes that serve to heighten the tension.

One aspect of their routines that tends to mystify those who are pulled over by the police is the tail light tap. But did you know that there is a certain amount of history involved in this? This policing tactic actually dates back to the good old days and has a rich tradition.

Tail light taps predate the days of dash cams and helped police officers to be as sneaky as needed with their tactics. While this may sound like the work of crooked cops, there was nothing illegal about this maneuver.


The tail light tap is meant to catch motorists in the act of doing something illegal, as this simple piece of police work serves to startle those who are attempting to hide a stash of illicit drugs or guns before the officer makes their way to their window to ask for licensing and registration.

Police officers also tap the tail light as a means of leaving evidence. Should you decide to attack the officer or kill him, there is very little chance of you getting away with this heinous crime, since there will be fingerprints on the tail light. Cops no longer need to tap your tap light because of technological advances and it is done as a ritual in most instances.

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