Dieselgate Volkswagen-Agreement for $ 1.2 billion with US dealerships


Volkswagen has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with American dealers to meet their demands for damages suffered as a result of dieselgate scandal. The automaker of Wolfsburg will pay a total of 1.21 billion dollars (equal to 1, 068 billion euro), to the holders of the 652 sale points in the US. Each dealer will receive an average of $ 1.85 million in a period of about 18 months.

Reuters reports that, according to what is established between the parties, the Volkswagen Group will continue to pay incentives to dealers and to repurchase the diesel cars that cannot be sold due to the dieselgate issues. Following, the company, which was banned from selling diesel models by the end of 2015, might finally suspend the marketing in the United States.

The US Justice department, the Federal Trade Commission and the legal representatives of 475,000 owners have also filed in a request for the approval of the agreement regarding the cars with 2.0 TDI engines. Next hearing in court is scheduled for the October 18. The agreement should provide a buy-back or a modification of cars, for a total cost of $ 10.3 billion: until today, 331.000 owners have joined the initiative.

The Colossus of Wolfsburg is still waiting to define a technical solution for 85.000 models with 3.0 TDI engines and will have to face huge compensations for causes in civil and criminal proceedings. In addition, the Germans will have to pay to 44 US states, 2 billion for the development plans of electric mobility and 2.7 billion for reduction of diesel engine emissions, which gives a total of more than 16.5 billion euro.