City mobility solved (watch the video below)

Peugeot assist you in crowded cities with its newest technological release: pedal assisted bike. Foldable, easy to use and fast, it is an ideal way to reach big city’s center from your car’s parking spot.

The first folding bike dates back to 1892 when it was created for military use. Today, when the access to the city center is every day more limited, Peugeot launches the first folding bike with electric assistance.


EF01 weighs only 17 kg, has two disc brakes and can reach almost 30 km thanks to lithium ion battery. Travelling 20 km an hour is helpful in not being late anywhere. The charging takes about 2 hours and can be done on board of any vehicle with 12 volt outlet. Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy system it can also communicate with the connected smartphone in order to verify the autonomy and the level of battery charge.

EF01 is foldable in ten seconds. With three movements that can be performed in any order you can use the bike on foot, travelling by train or metro. That’s what easy multimodal mobility looks like.