Car crash compilation 2016

This summer we found out a lot of car crashes where people lost theirs lives. During this summer, we could see a lot of “beast-cars” on the roads, and drivers were driving so crazy. In the middle of the night, drivers are out of control because of alcohol and drugs. They are sitting in theirs cars and party can start. They drive really crazy, and in that situation they lose mind and theirs feelings are stronger than ever. Speeding up car is last perfect way out? No it is not! It is just way out to die in a perfect conditions. We can not even feel that we are going to lose our, and our friends, lives. Drivers are just in mood that they feel great. Adrenalin is growing up and everything but fast drive is illicitly. When police stop that cars, they usually paying big money for that behavior, and after that they continue how did they learn. There are also cases which look like these on the photo under:


This was funny fact, but it is true. Reaction of alcohol and drugs are too strong that we behave like we saw. We are totally out of control. No matter, alcohol, drugs and cars NEVER TOGETHER.

When we make accident, like on the photo bellow, we are really sad. We destroyed car we had, we loved and we maybe threatened our lives. It is not matter, we can buy another new car, but can we bring back life? Can we live again if we lose life. NO, and that is clear true. Do not be selfish, think about another drivers and people we drive. Don’t take drugs and alcohol and drive. Be strong, drive careful. Maybe you can save one life, so don’t destroy another.


In this video we will watch several accidents in this month! Be careful! Respect life!

Watch video: