Billionaire Buys Six New Rolls-Royces In Colors That Match His Turbans, Ups Collection To 20


Most people will never be able to affordable a new Rolls-Royce, let alone a fleet of them. Of course, most people aren’t billionaire Reuben Singh.

While the name might not ring a bell, Singh is an entrepreneur as well as the CEO of alldayPA and Isher Capital. His various business interests have made him incredibly wealthy and he recently decided to reward himself.

For most people this might mean splurging on a vacation or some tech product they’ve been lusting after, but for Singh this meant a new Rolls-Royce. That’s not too uncommon, but Singh didn’t just buy one – he purchased six.

As documented on his Instagram feed, Singh recently took delivery of three new Phantoms and three matching Cullinans. That’s a pretty big purchase for anyone considering the Cullinan starts around $325,000 while the Phantom retails for approximately $450,000. Just in base form, the models would cost around $2.3 million and, considering most Rolls-Royces are customized, there’s little doubt the vehicles cost significantly more than that.


While you might feel bad that Singh didn’t buy seven, so he could have a different Rolls-Royce everyday of the week – don’t. SBS says the billionaire now has a fleet of 20 different Rolls-Royce models. That means his latest additions – known as the Jewels Collection – will join several other Rolls-Royce models including a previous-generation Phantom sedan, Phantom Coupe and a handful of Dawn convertibles.

Singh isn’t just a Rolls-Royce fan either as his Instagram feeds suggests he owns several pricey sports cars. These appear to include a Bugatti Veryon, Porsche 918 Spyder and a Mercedes SLR.