Audi S4 B6 Morphs Into A Pickup


Do you happen to have an old Audi A4/S4, from the B6 generation, lying around? Well, if so, then a small company called Smyth Performance could turn it into a pickup truck.

They have already put their money where their mouth is by modifying an S4, which was cut right behind the B pillars to make room for the rear bed, accessible through a tailgate that tilts forward at a slight angle.

The car apparently retains its original 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that pushes 261hp (265PS) and 295lb-ft (400Nm) of torque to the ground. In this form, the stock Audi S4 B6 needed 5.6sec to go from naught to 62mph (100km/h), before topping out at 155mph (250km/h).

This isn’t Smyth Performance’s first project, as they have already transformed other vehicles into pickup trucks. The list includes a Dodge Charger and a Volkswagen Jetta, and this seems to be just the beginning, as the small company is so confident that this design works that they have already started shipping the first beta kits.

Moreover, full production is planned to begin on July 5, so expect to see other sedans turned into workhorses on the roads of soon.