Aston Martin studying F1 engine for 2021

Formula One cars are still wildly unpopular even though being faster than ever, and despite the current hybrid powertrains now being in their fourth season.

Luckily,the sport has the intention to resolve this for the 2021 season by putting simpler and more ferocious engines, potentially void of hybrid technology. This has gotten Aston Martin interested.


The British automaker says that they are thinking about the possibility of becoming an engine supplier in 2021 and forwarding it`s participation in the sport with Red Bull Racing, Reuters reports. The boss Andy Palmer said that they want to be more involved in the sports, and that they are currently studying the 2021 engine.If they get a reasonable regulation that lowers the price of the engine, Aston would surely like to be involved in it.


Next to making the sport more exciting, the FIA hopes to attract additional engine suppliers with the new engine format. The 2021 regulation changes have already peaked the interest of numerous brands, including Cosworth and Porsche. Even McLaren could build its own engines for 2021.