7 things you probably didn’t know about police cars

Police car can make you happy, scared or sad depending on the situation you are in. Anyway, police car can be also interesting. Here are some facts maybe you didn’t know:


1) You cannot jump in a police a car and steal it. You have seen this in so many movies, but it is false unless the police officer leaves his car keys in the car. Police officers can leave their cars on even if they get the keys out but you cannot steal it because it will shut down as soon as you touch the parking or the brake pedal.


2) Different sirens have different functions. There are three levels of sirens: “Wail”, “yelp” and “air horn”. The first one is used when a police car is travelling at a high speed and approaching an intersection. The second one is used in high traffic situations and if you don’t hear it officers will use the third one: the loudest one.


3) The first police car was put in use in Ohio in 1899. It run on electricity and needed to be recharged every 30 miles. It had electric lights, a stretcher and a gong to use in emergency situations. It was mainly used to collect drunken man who was making problems.


4) Police cars are absolutely not as usual cars. Beside the siren and light they are painted with retro reflective paint and most of them have tracking systems and speedometers. They could even take an automatic photo of you driving too fast.


5) Police car’s nicknames in UK are “fuzz mobile” and “jam sandwich”. They also call them panda cars (if they are painted black and white).


6) It is illegal to use lights and sirens only for officer’s personal purposes.


7) Police car has a “take down” button whose oly purpose is to light what’s in front of you and not to “take down” anyone, actually.


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