7 cheap effective ways to tune your car ( part 1 )

All we want to have good tuned car, but tuning is not cheap. We are bring for u seven advice for cheap tuning your car, in this post we will present you four tricks and in next post top 3 tricks for tuning your car.


7. Exhaust – Performance per pound: Around £15 per BHP

Due to strict noise restrictions
on standard cars, the exhaust system’s rarely the best for high performance. As a result, a well designed set-up on many N/A engines can give as much as a 10 percent gain, especially at the top
 of the rev range. Turbocharged cars often give even bigger gains – we’ve even seen a 30bhp increase from some turbo vehicles that have had particularly restrictive exhausts.
 For the ultimate in performance, a full system usually gives the best gains, and on turbo cars an uprated downpipe is the most important part, especially when combined with other modifications, such as a remap. A complete set-up (excluding manifold) usually costs under £400 for many cars, and is certainly a worthwhile thing to do.


6. Throttle Bodies – Performance per pound: Around £60 per BHP

With an N/A engine, you can’t just turn up the boost to force more air into the cylinders when you want more power; you need to let the engine suck it in naturally, and one of the best ways to do this is by fitting throttle bodies. Although they’re far from cheap, these generally give good gains – over 30bhp on some modern engines such as the Ford Zetec and Duratec – because the manufacturers have often fitted very restrictive inlet setups to keep the power at sensible levels. Throttle bodies also work
well with future engine mods too, so increases from cams and headwork will be further magnified once you’ve installed a set.


5. Nitrous – Performance per pound: Around £10 per BHP

A few years ago nitrous seemed to be fitted to everything, but lately it’s been a little forgotten about, which is surprising, as it gives huge, instant gains to even the slowest of cars. As long as it’s set up correctly, even small engines can handle a 50-75bhp shot of nitrous without any real problems. The main disadvantage of this is that although it may cost around £500 to buy, a 10lb bottle of nitrous will realistically only last you a day’s racing and will set you back about £40 to refill; so it can soon get pretty pricey if you’re using it constantly.


4. Cams – Performance per pound: Around £15 per BHP

Generally, standard cams are designed to give maximum low down grunt and reduced emissions at the expense of high rpm power, but as long as you don’t mind sacrificing 
a little performance at the bottom of the rev range, cams can often gain up to 20bhp on N/A or turbo engines, giving the car a real kick at higher rpm. Although fitting new cams means delving into your engine internals, you’re not going too far as they’re on the top of the engine, so fitting is relatively easy and labour costs won’t be too bad. Best of all, most cam kits aren’t too pricey, usually only setting you back around £450.


In next post 3 more advice for tuning, stay with us and make your car better.