7 cheap effective ways to tune your car ( part 2 )


Induction Kit – Performance per pound: Around £30 per BHP


In much the same way as with a car’s standard exhaust system, noise restrictions usually mean most induction set-ups are far from optimal for maximum power. The gains can vary hugely and, due to the lack of airflow on a rolling road, it’s a hard thing to measure accurately, but a well-designed induction kit can sometimes give around 10bhp extra. They become even more effective as you increase power in other ways and, best of all, induction kits are often one of the cheapest engine modifications, generally costing between £150 and £250.

Performance per pound: Around £10 per BHP


A remap is a must on a turbocharged engine, whether
 it’s petrol or diesel. It is, without doubt, the first upgrade you should make, as gains can be huge. The job is simple and can take under an hour. It’ll usually cost under £400 and gains can be as high as 50bhp and 50 lb/ft – a huge increase that’ll really transform your car. The gains are
less noticeable on N/A cars, but some vehicles can still
 gain 10 percent extra power, and most get much improved drivability; making for a car that’s easier to drive fast overall. Best of all, remaps often increase fuel economy slightly too (when driving sensibly, of course), meaning it’s a great all-round tuning option.

Weight Saving – Performance per pound: FREE


Although it’s far from ideal for your daily driver, removing weight from your car is the cheapest way to improve acceleration, as it costs nothing. Although small reductions in weight, such as simply removing the back seats and spare wheel, won’t give a huge effect, we’ve seen well over 200kg removed from some cars, even while keeping the steel panels and glass windows. The easiest way to look at how fast the car will accelerate would be by looking at the bhp per ton. For example, a Supra weighing 1,500kg that’s been mildly tuned to 400bhp has around 266bhp per ton – about the same as an EVO IX FQ-360. With plenty of excess weight removed and the car weighing 1,300kg, the bhp per ton would be 307bhp per ton – more than a Porsche 997 Turbo!

And as we promised there is second part of advice hot to tune your car with a little money in your pocket. We hope this advice help you to have better faster and more beautiful car, especially GOLF.