3.4 Million Golf GTI (VIDEO and DESCRIPTION)

Volkswagen hits again: their new golden mine is a new Golf GTI worth £3.4 Million. This new and unique concept car Design Vision GTI is based on Volkswagen Golf 7 and it is an extreme prototype having a powerful 503 cv engine and it can reach 300 km/h speed.

Designed by Klaus Bischoff, Golf Design Vision GTI is an attempt to produce an innovative car, dedicated to the lover of high performance without losing all the distinctive marcs of the brand. The concept car is shorter, larger a lower than Volkswagen Golf GTI series. It has been presented white with red and black elements, in accordance with the colors of the classic model.

Its distinctive mark is the C-pillar that was designed independently giving the Design Vision GTI more agressive appearance. The nose is characterized by the integrated radiator grille with air intakes and light clusters, surrounded by arches and from hood. The same principles were maintained also in the queue, where especially stand out the diffuser and the exhaust pipes. 20″ wheels and 235 tires in front and 275 behind complete the construction.

The interiors were designed by Tomasz Bachorski. Everything has been minimized to the maximum, with few and intuitive commands and a steering wheel with fins for the DSG. Selectable driving modes are: Street, Sport and Track. The rear seats have been removed to insert elements which increase the stiffness of the car.

The engine under the bonnet of this concept car as mentioned has 503 hp at 6500 rpm power. It is a 3.0 TSi V6 with two turbochargers. The acceleration of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Design Vision requires 3.9 seconds to reach 100 km / h from a standstill. The maximum speed is over 300 km / h. Traction is integral.