Performance isn’t all about power and acceleration. If your brakes are pants then you’ll be off the accelerator and jumping on the stoppers far earlier than you would with a good brake setup, and over a long stretch of road or track this will make you significantly slower overall. If you’ve got good anchors you can stay on the gas until the last minute, maximizing acceleration time and minimizing braking time, improving your average speed and making you faster in the long run.

Best of all, basic brake upgrades such as better discs and pads are pretty cheap, so you don’t need to break the bank to achieve some big performance gains. The most basic mod would involve some uprated brake pads; this can be a great upgrade and often only costs about 50 quid.

The next step is some drilled or grooved standard-size discs, and again it’s quite a cheap and straightforward upgrade. If you want a serious brake setup then many companies can do you a big brake conversion that consists of massive discs and equally huge calipers, giving unbeatable stopping power.

Discs, pads, and calipers aren’t the only important brake parts. Uprated fluid, brake lines and braces to keep the master cylinder steady are also important and fairly cheap upgrades that can be done.



Having loads of power is no good if you can’t transfer it to the road. You might have 300bhp, but when a standard car leaves you for dead as your car just sits there in a cloud of wheelspin, it’s pretty pointless isn’t it?!

Sticking with standard-width normal road tyres won’t do much good when you’ve seriously bumped up the power, so it’s time for some fat, sticky tyres. There’s a huge range available, and not only will the extra grip help your acceleration, it will improve your cornering speeds, and reduce braking distances too.

Many modern hot hatches can take 225-wide tyres, and performance RWD
cars can often take 255-wide rubber or more on the rear, so there are no excuses to run on standard-width tyres!

Companies such as Yokohama make specialist track tyres that give a massive amount of grip, and BF Goodrich make low-profile drag tyres that will give you immense standing start grip, though they don’t last long.

Per tyre: £70-£200

And this is last two advice for tuning your car. We hope so this will help you to make your car faster and better. Stay with us and fine some more interesting information from world of cars.